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Appreci Mate

This includes the peer-to-peer recognition and point system where employees can acknowledge and appreciate each other's contributions, fostering a culture of appreciation.

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Appreci Watcher

Track and analyze application usage across all company devices. Understand where your team is allocating their time, ensuring tasks align with business goals.

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Appreci HR

AppreciMate offers exclusive DISC and Wonderlic assessments, helping companies to select the most suitable candidates for specific roles during the hiring process.

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Supplementary Services

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HR Admin Panel

We provide a robust and user-friendly HR Admin Panel for company administrators. It serves as a comprehensive control center, enabling admins to leverage the full potential of Appreci Mate, Appreci Watcher, Appreci HR, and many other features.

HR Admin Panel

Employee Voice

With EV, employees have a secure, anonymous channel to voice their concerns, suggestions, and thoughts. This feature not only supports a transparent and inclusive workplace but also provides management with valuable insights.

Employee Voice

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