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Appreci Watcher is available for Windows, Mac.


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Enchancing Transparency, Security, and Trust in the Remote Work Era

With the meteoric rise of remote work, it's become more challenging for companies to maintain the same level of oversight, security, and trust they once had in traditional office environments.

Appreci Watcher fills this gap by providing comprehensive activity monitoring and insights on company-owned devices.


Detailed Usage Reports
Online/Offline Status
Idle Time Monitoring


Web Address Tracking
Device Location Monitoring
Offline Data Monitoring


No Personal Data Collection
No Keylogging
No Screenshotting
No Webcam Access
No Microphone Access

Future Features

Remote Device Lock & Wipe
Bandwidth and Connectivity Stats
Device Health Checkups
Focus Mode

Frequently Asked Question

The main objective of Watcher is to help organizations optimize resources, gain insights into remote work patterns, and enhance security measures on company-owned devices. It's designed to support productivity and security, not to surveil or micromanage employees.